Catching a colorful wave 9-29-2018

A prism separates the wave lengths of light into different colored bands.


The felt sense (body awareness) of compassion, anger, love, happiness may be thought of as different bands (colors) of emotions or levels of vibration of the “mind/body.”

A question to consider is whether the felt sense of compassion is separated from the mind’s level of meditation or is the result of a particular level. In other words in meditation the level of vibration is concurrent with a particular emotional state. When in that state everything seems to radiate with that emotion.   Animate as well as inanimate objects.   Everything seems to be glowing or radiating the energy of that emotion. Whatever I gaze upon appears to have that energy. If in meditation I shift the level of vibration the emotional state concurrently shifts along with it; like your shadow changing shape as you move your body.

Add in the awareness that everything is in a continual state of flowing impermanence and in every second is vibrating in and out of existence (my awareness).

Right now feel the tone or hum and then resonate with it. Like catching a wave that is always there.

Right now start as you breathe in. Keep it going. Allow more and more of your body to come alive and into resonance. Then your mind shifts and your eyes soften. As you shift the level of meditation use the prism of your body to find your way into the morphing colors of your changing emotional state.

What is your favorite color?  Go there.

And always remember the breath. It is your life (breath line) line to steady your journey.

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