Illusions of vibrating reality 9-30-2018

You cannot step in the same river twice. Everything is in continual motion. If everything is changing (impermanent) then it can only be seen that way against a background to that which is eternally unchanging. It is the other end of the stick. The other side of the coin.

Call it consciousness.

Then what or who am I?

Am I the unchanging or am I a finite mind/body? A hard drive of one “computer” or the entire cloud? Am I the awareness of consciousness that one mind/body can perceive or the entire consciousness as it flows like electricity through one computer?

illusion reality vbrating

Electricity forming into images on a screen by being merely a pulsating sequence of either being on or off. Vibration creating the illusion of reality like the circle of light that appears to form when a lit cigarette is twirled around in a dark room.

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