Snowflakes on my mind 12-22-2018

It was a little cooler in Florida this morning, 52 degrees, and snow flakes had come to mind.  I decided to see where they would take me.


I imagined a snow flake slowly falling through the air down and down and down towards the earth. Joining upon its soft landing with other snowflakes and becoming one with them. A blanket of recently individual flakes now formed into one relatively thin mass called snow.

The snow soon turning to water seeping into the earth or flowing to a creek, stream, lake, river or ocean and then being vaporized returning back into the air. Within the air the vapors condensing into a cloud and when conditions are just right returning to the earth as snow or rain. The round trip for some flakes might be days, years or millennium.

But what returns? Is there any connection from the “original” flake to another some time later?  We usually think of it in general as water and that the water has three different forms; vapor, fluid, solid. But what of the individual flake that formed from the vapor? It had formed from some of the vapor and then returned to being a flake.   While in the flake form and joined to others flakes it still retains some of its individual form. And even if a bunch of joined flakes is picked up and shoveled or formed into a ball there would still be some identity to parts of the flake.

How about when the flake melts into water and joins something else.  Are the molecules of water that the flake has become and joined now completely devoid of any of the individual flake-ness that had existed? And then consider, when the water becomes vapor where the molecules of water are even further apart and seemingly less able to maintain any contact with their “original” parts; is there any of the original flake? But wait a minute the flake forms again. It formed from the vapor which was made up of all of the parts of the old “original” flake . So now the “new” flake is made up of teeny tiny parts of multitudes of other older flakes.

Imagine that each of these teeny tiny parts had a teeny tiny bit of “memory” of having been a part of the “original” flake. And if enough of these original parts happen to come together in a new flake there might be enough memory available for glimpses of past thoughts to emerge.

And what if it goes around and around for millennium? And what if we are the flakes?   Could we recall any of the past experiences of our earlier flakiness. And realizing how flaky this must seem I will stop!

And let you wistfully ponder the pull and sensations of Spiritual Gravity.


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