Let go of unwanted thoughts 1-6-2019

What do you think about your thoughts and ideas?

Start with an idea and think it through with clear thoughts. Then drop all the words, drop all of the thoughts and sit with the idea in stillness. Can you separate an idea from its thoughts?

When you have an idea about something it is clear.

Try putting it into words and it loses some of its flavor.

To describe the taste of an orange.

It requires experience and metaphor.



Think — conceive an idea.

Think about it in words.

Crystalize it then drop the words.


We may use words to express an idea.

Then transfer the idea to another person with more words.

Once the idea is grasped you can drop off all of the words.


Idea — trip to an island beach

Think about it

Plan dates

Where to go





The idea remains and is deconstructed into the parts that make it a reality.deconstructed

When the parts are put together you go to the island.


Idea — I want to be happy

Deconstruct it into its parts

Words in mind

Letting go of unhappy thoughts

Body awareness of lighter sensation

Smooth easy breathing

Add thoughts that support the idea

Drop thoughts that detract from the idea


Is feeling/being happy in the mind? The body? or both?


The main item that obstructs your happiness are the thoughts in your mind. The idea that you are not happy is just an idea. It is made up of words, thoughts, images. When these are dropped what you are left with is being happy.

Meditation is the practice of letting go of thoughts, words, ideas, sensations and returning to an object of attention such as the breath. The object does not matter. It is the letting go of what is distracting your mind that leads to stillness, calm and the underlying happiness.

Try this practice to let go of thoughts:

In this exercise the goal is not to think about or comment to yourself about what you are doing.   Just do it. If you follow the suggestion it will clear your mind in 30 seconds.


Close your eyes.

Turn your head to the right.

Open your eyes. Name the first thing you see. Let it go.

Close your eyes.

Turn your head to the left.

Open your eyes. Name the first thing that you see. Let it go.


Repeat 5 times   (total time 15 seconds)


Next open any word or email program as though you were going to write something.

Focus attention on the blinking cursor and watch the flow of your breath. If any thoughts come to mind let them go and return to watching the blinking cursor and your breath going in and out. Maintain for 15 seconds.


List three circumstances where being able to let go of unwanted thoughts will be of benefit.

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