As Your Thoughts Turn Happy Sad 2-10-2019

Happy Sad. Calm Bothered. Full Hungry. Wanting More Wanting Less.

In and Out of Balance.

Where will life’s wheel of chance stop in this moment? What prize will you win?

Each moment comes in a wrapped gift box. You will not know what you have received until you unwrap it and open the box.   That takes time. And patience not to rip the paper off but to savor the anticipation and the unknown. What will be uncovered in this moment? Will I like it and want more or will I push it away? Maybe it will be neither and I will just wait for the next box.

Each moment has a feeling tone. There is a sense of liking, disliking or being neutral. Of wanting more or less. When you take a moment to unwrap the moment and be with it you can easily begin to notice which tone you are vibrating with.

Mostly we prefer to be with the vibration of liking, with interest in what is happening in this moment. But all of the moments make up our life. Let’s not toss any away. They all come and go just like the weather. You can wait for a change or you can elevate neutral thoughts and tones and move them into the liking range. That way you can spend more of your time in liking without having to change the actual activity of what you are doing.

Lets say you are waking your dog; three times a day every day; rain or shine; hot or cold.  Sometimes you are having a great time and sometimes you are wanting to be elsewhere.

During the great time you may be talking to your dog, noticing the colors all around you, feeling the flow of movement in your body, noticing the bounce of your dog’s steps.   You are there and present. When you are wanting to be elsewhere you are separating yourself from what you are actually doing and your feeling tone is not liking.

Shifting into being present.

Wiggle your feet inside your shoes and feel the inside of your shoe against each foot.thoughts turning 2

Look for the seven colors of the rainbow in the trees, sky, houses, cars around you.

Remember a time when you had a cold and only wanted to be free from the cold and breathe. Take in a deep breath and let out a sigh.

Blink your eyes slowly three times.

Advanced practice going from dislike to neutral.

Embrace whatever is happening. Do not try to make it change. Meditate on the actual sensations that you are aware of.

When you arrive in the present take another look at your feeling tone.

Has it changed?   As your thoughts turn so does your feeling tone.  Enjoy.



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