Life’s Mirror Returning To Happiness 1-14-2019

Every sound is a song even though we mainly hear static notes.  

Every image is a movie even though we mainly see one frame at a time. 

Every thought is a wish for some sound or image to be different than it appears to be. 

See the whole of life not just the parts you like. 

We are either mindful of our momentary experience or we are thinking about something else. 

Mainly our thinking is about having more or less of “something“ in order to be happy.   

Being happy is wonderful but it is only one side of life’s coin. 

Cold must have hot, up must have down, big little, right wrong. 

A great quality of living our life within the parameters of opposites is their ability to shout out “TURN AROUND. “ 

Each time you are aware that you are not FC15BED8-7DF2-47B1-8B09-62AF7C0D4968happy it is a shout out, a reminder, a wake up call. Notice what is happening ! Are you holding unhappiness in your mind?  Can you choose to let it go?  

There it is your automatic built in reminder then pops up whenever your happiness quotient drops below your happiness set point. 

Spiritual Gravity Blog is a resource for letting go. It is about becoming more mindful of your momentary experience; finding your way to choice. And then dropping what you no longer want to hold on to. 

When you let go of everything that is not happiness you are left with HAPPINESS!!  

And then ——you get to do it all over again and again. 

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