Is it better yet? 2-16-2019

Sitting in a plane looking out the window; waiting for your order to arrive at a restaurant; driving along the highway or even while sitting in meditation often there is a sense that the moment is not quite satisfying.  There is a felt sense that something could be different, slightly better. There could be more or less of something.  It is not that there is anything flawed with the moment as it is.  It is just our past conditioning, habits and karma nudging us through each minute of our day.

What would it take to resolve or let go of the top three concerns that you are carrying right now? Can you put them down for 30 seconds? What would it feel like to just STOP and take in a slow smooth restful breath and enjoy the stillness of living? Try it right now and hold the top of the in breath for 3 seconds.  As you breathe out imagine you are coasting down a country lane free-wheeling with the wind blowing your hair (or across your face if hair is no longer with you). Feel the freedom and stillness of your mind flowing into the scene before you.

Recall a time when you had this feeling. Feel the air again, see the view, smell the “roses” andimages-3.jpeg relive the sounds in Technicolor and Dolby respectively.  Join with this moment again.  Be free.

Okay your 30 seconds is up. Go back to whatever you were doing when you started reading this page.  Add in the quality of this moment.

Repeat as often as you like. Find your way into a new habit.  Allow spiritual gravity to pull you into a happier resting zone.


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