Hovering With Life 14 Floor Up 2-17-2019

I am here resting comfortably on a soft cushioned chair on vacation visiting with my grandchildren in Orlando, Florida. Although I am 14 stories above the earth I have no awareness of not being on the ground.  As I live in South Florida and spend 99 % of my time either on the first or second floor being up over 100 feet above the ground is a big deal.  But unless I look out the window I have no awareness of the height.

What came to mind a moment ago was that I have two images of myself. One is solid in both mind and body.  I am me inside my body and I am here on the 14 floor of a solid concrete and steel building able to withstand hurricane winds over 150 miles per hour.  I feel as solid and immoveable as the building.  The other is the thought with a vision of looking at a body from somewhere and thinking what is holding me up?  And who is this “me?”

One view is looking out and the other in.  From the inside there is a narrow choice of action of activity.  One moment follows the path that the previous moment was on.  As though I am in the woods barely noticing a worn footpath with little or no thought as its direction is already laid out and easy to follow.

From the outside looking in I can see FD69E488-84EA-43DC-83D3-A9780A8478E3beyond the path to both its beginning and its ending.  And I can also see other alternative paths.  I feel larger and more expansive.  I can see beyond 14 floors to a view of the entire building.  All of its floors, stairwells, elevators, windows, pipes and electrical wiring.  It reminds me of seeing the whole body inside and out as I did back in gross anatomy in dental school.

To step back to a wider view relaxes my body-mind-spirit.  It feels like I am filtering out preconceived thoughts and ideas that were limiting the expression and living of my life.

Actually from a broader perspective 14 floors up change that to living not my life but, “living life.”  Placing an “I” or “my” before anything creates a narrower limited self.

Perhaps this feels like the difference between my thinking I enjoy eating Haagen-Dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream to the actual eating of it.

Which floor are you on right now?  If you are not driving close your eyes and ask yourself, “What’s hold me up?” And, Who is this “me?”

And then what if your feel both views at the same time?


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