Still Point Consciousness Your Choice 2-21-2019

Within each moment is a still point. A central point of view that sees or knows what is projected onto your awareness.  This is like a film projector shinning its light on a screen.

The sense contacts and thoughts of your body and mind are reflected back to your awareness like reflected sunlight shinning back and illuminating the moon.

Without an object to reflect back the light of the sun would continue its outward journey unseen.

So too with the noise, thoughts and emotions the surround us. Only what we place our attention on with the light of awareness is reflected back into our knowing.Eye of storm

In the same way we are unaware of the hum of a refrigerator until it clicks off.

The still point of every moment allows us to point our attention towards or away from any specific sense contact, thought or emotion.

If you remain in the still point or the eye of a storm the tumult all around can be seen and yet you remain untouched.


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