Parachuting Your Higher Self 2-28-2019

Your late.

Your frustrated.

Your just not quite at ease.

Your okay but you have felt more connected.

Your aware of remembering a higher state of consciousness.

You notice it is taking more and more words to describe your connection to life.


Imagine jumping out of an imaginary plane (of course with a parachute). Your intention is to drop the sensation of being late, frustrated, uneasy, disconnected or just not fully aware. As you jump from your imaginary plane you are holding tightly or actually stuck to one or more of the noted sensations.

As you drop down you pull the rip cord and as the air pops the chute open and abruptly stops your free fall, for that moment the unwanted sensation drops away. You catch a glimpse through the clouds of the green and blue earth below. You have just a few seconds to connect with the billowing parachute and its soft free-floating descent before the memory of the unwanted sensation returns.

As you are hanging on supported by woven silk threads there is not much to do but to let go or surrender. Enjoy the floating sensation, the weightlessness and the softness of the air is it brushes across your face. Notice the quiet and stillness. Stretch out as if you have wings and expand into the universe around you. Surrender into the moment.

The memory of stress and strain is just that a memory. To be momentarily forgotten. Reconnect to the memory of your higher self. It is always there waiting to be the object of the light of your awareness. As you are slowly descending imagine you, are motionless, and the earth is rising up to meet you. Develop the ability to see things from both sides, from more than one point of view. Take in, absorb the memory of your higher self, breathe it in, feel its presence.

Look down towards the earth notice from this vantage point the ability to see the tops ofParachute the buildings and the tops of people’s heads. Imagine x-ray type visionary thought to see into each person. Notice the conflicts and concerns as well as the pleasures and happiness all occurring at the same time. And mainly when seeing only from the ground level that we become caught in a maze of thinking, “what’s around the next corner? Will I be getting what I want or not?”

Return to thoughts of your higher self; hang on the parachute is about to land you softly on the earth. What is the last thought you would like to remember before you land?

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