Happiness at the center of now 2-3-2019

What if you felt the present moment was just right  — just as it is right now?

Is that possible for you?

How often do you feel that there is no fault to be found in the present moment?

The present moment is like the creamy center of Deluxe Creme Sandwich Oreo cookie where one chocolate cookie side is the past and the other vanilla cookie side is the future. The tighter you squeeze the two sides together the more creamy center that oozes out.

So too with past and future. The greater your attention to letting go of re-thinking the thoughts of your past and future the closer you are to the sweet spot of now.

Now is always the only time that you have to be. If you like try this —  allow your mind to zig-zag from past to future with a thought in each direction. Choose a thought from a year ago, then a year from now; a month ago then a month from now; a week ago then a week from now; an hour ago then an hour from now; a minute ago then a minute from now; a second ago then a second from now. And land in now with no thoughts flying around.


No thoughts no problem. The land of no thoughts is filled with the creamy center of happiness.

Immerse yourself in the perfume of happiness in this moment.

All you need is the air that you breathe.


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