Falling into meditation. 3-8-2019

Falling asleep

Falling in love


Falling into meditation

Falling into God

Falling….. falling……. Falling


Letting goIMG_3895

Opening up to what is

Turning  …. turning inside out and outside in

Spreading out thinning down to become two dimensional and merging with the Divine

This moment of God is the culmination of, all, prior to this point of “time.”

It is God as it is….Now.

Let go and know that I am God. Harpu uduce anochi Eloheim

I am that I am.

Spinning humming being

Flowing within the silence of stillness

Just as the earth is suspended within the middle of the universe so I am held within its Heart

Even as I am stretching outward, fingers of attraction are drawing me back

My awareness becomes pulled into the continual open windows of sense contacts vying for attention.

I am recreated, renewed once again, albeit with years of history still dyeing my view.

Happy,   happy,    just happy  —  to be



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