Happiness Is Now Front And Center 2-12-2019

Imagine you are seated at the side of a stream watching the gentle flow of water passing by.  The water passing right in front of you represents the present, the water up-stream the future and the water down-stream the past. As you sit there how much of your awareness can be focused on the present before your attention shifts to either thoughts of the past or future?

It’s so easy to be distracted by leaves floating on the stream or ripples of water both up-stream or down and respectively with past and future.

When thoughts are not distracted into the past or future awareness opens into a vista of happiness.  The primary action to open the window of now is to hold in mind the volition of the intention to be happy. The mind can be used to guide the mind into the thoughts that trigger the molecules of emotion to produce waves of happiness.

For some time now research has shown that neurons that fire together get wired together.  If you practice having thoughts of happiness or go more deeply into moments of happiness when they arise you will be wiring more neurons for happiness together.  They start to form a groove in the brain like water running down a hillside. As the grooves or wired neurons get deeper it becomes easier for related experience to be drawn in.  The stronger the intention for happiness the faster and more easily it develops.  You start to become accustomed to the sensations within the body that are associated with happiness.

In time you can feel when these enjoyable sensations are disrupted.  You begin to
discover that the disruption is usually due to thoughts of the past or future.  When this images-10.jpeghappens you notice you are back in the stream.  Your first choice is to remember your intention.  Do you still want to be happy?  Are you willing to let go of your past or future thoughts?

Drop all thoughts and feel the sensations that are present. Are they happy sensations? If not go back and review your thoughts.  Are they about the past or future?  Again drop all thoughts and feel the sensations that are present.  Are they happy sensations?  If not repeat dropping thoughts of past and future. Repeat as needed.

Happiness can certainly levitate your mood.  How about your body?


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