Opening and closing your eyes  — A meditation. 3-14-2019

Your eyes are letting in the light from outside.  When you close your eyes you can see the light on the inside. What is there? Imagine your awareness pressing against the inside of the walls of your skin; investigating.  Pushing and expanding your mind’s perception of its size.  As you expand, your thoughts and concerns become spread out or thinned and become both transparent and translucent.  They seem to fade away and your inside view returns you to the happiness that had been somewhat lost in the light from the outside. You find yourself at the beginning of a journey another adventure.

Your journey on this track begins fresh in this moment.  In each moment at its beginning you have the amazing opportunity to be pure and free. Whatever may be left over from past moments or their inertia into future moments is on a separate track.  Imagine you are on a train that is following along its track.  You, as the passenger are riding along with the ability to look out the windows at the changing view, enjoy the scenery or not, rest, eat, talk, read, create, sit, breath or possible just be.  When the train lurches, stops, starts or runs smoothly is a separate track that may or may not influence you.Unknown-4.jpeg

Your choice at the beginning of each moment is to breathe in its freshness.  Allow the mixing of all the sense windows to be just as they are and to use them as a continual reminder that they are the changing faces of the underlying greater reality beneath.  Breath in and feel your awareness pressing and expanding against the inside of your skin once again lifting up your internal field of energy and joining with the Heart of the universe


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