What is, is; what is not, is not. Be free. 3-16-2019

Sometimes it is great fun for the mind, body and spirit to become lost in activity.  At other times when the activity has gotten beyond comfort, gripping of its own accord or having fallen into an unwanted conditioned response it is not fun anymore.

As the ability and practice of concentration increases the mind is more adept at remaining undisturbed or able to be brought back to a calmer state.  The senses are still open and the awareness of all sensations, sights, sounds and thoughts are present.  However, more space has formed somewhat like a moat around the mind.  The space allows for a moment of review and understanding of the conditioned habits and responses as they are now cast in a newer light of greater equanimity.

These bases for this practice are the three levels of reaction to thoughts that arise in the mind, sensations that arise within the body and awareness from all five senses.

Along with the perception of any of the above contacts a sense of liking or disliking also arises. Next is our immediate reaction or more measured response.  The response is mainly a combination of thoughts in the mind, spoken words or bodily actions.  Each of these three levels of response create varying disturbance in the mind.  The most is bodily actions, next speech and the least disturbing are thoughts in the minUnknown-6d.

For example if someone says or does something that you think needs correction, what can you do?  Nothing or something?  Your doing something can be thinking, speaking or acting.  Gradually a habit or conditioned response develops. Assuming you realize that you would like to change this behavior consider starting with the easiest; refraining from physical action.  Next you might think about speaking back or hold back the hurtful words.    This may be more difficult. But very powerful remembering, “the pen is mightier than the sword.”  And most difficult is actually letting go of the thoughts that are harmful, even if intended to be helpful.

To change not physically acting and just saying something lessens the ripples that cause disturbance in the mind.  And further thinking the thoughts and not saying anything also lessens the ripples. And with deepening concentration practice letting the thoughts not be repeated or not thought at all allows the calm mind to remain undisturbed.

To begin when a disturbing event occurs and you feel compelled by old conditioned habits to speak. Don’t. Hold onto the thoughts but do not allow them to raise up to the level of speech.  Even though ripples in the mind of resistance are growing they are still less than those of speech.

If you have to release the built up energy waves try a measured cough or sneeze.

At the same time let what is, be as it is and what is not, be as it is not.  Abide in the present moment; do not add or detract from it.

Then being calm go onto the next moment.



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