Drop resistance become resonant with beauty 3-28-2019

All things move along at their own pace. There is also a resonance at each moment and a varying energy vibration at every place in the universe. This is similar to the temperature and wind movement in the air and water along the earth’s suface. Think about it. Nothing remains precisely the same . Candle light flickers. Our breathing pattern changes. The temperature of the air around us goes up and down during the day and night.

The energy which surrounds us and of which we are a part of have the same shifting variations. When we become aware that the energy is shifting we can realign ourselves with the change and become more resonant and in balance. When we are in balance we are not using as much of our own energy to be functional and therefore have more energy to expend as we choose.

Living in Florida we sometimes have storms that develop around us. Although the sky turns dark and the wind blows and pushes against us just above the clouds sunshine is shining brightly and a little higher above the clouds the wind has become still. The calm balanced resonant core of the universe is always there. This core is represented by the radiant sunlight which intersects our perception as clear blue skies and an alive growing green earth delicately balanced and weightless within the vastness of space.

Within our bodies exists the same shifting flow of temperatures and pressures along with movement of fluids and a host of chemicals all of which interact with our perception of what is occurring both inside and outside of us. However the same core of the universe is still present and available for us to become resonant with;  just as the sunlight and calm air above the stormy clouds.

In mediation when I drop the resistance to being resonant with the universe anresonant expansion of space occurs. The immediate local factors that have been occupying my attention and awareness become transparent and I perceive the beauty of the sunlight and calm air. Aches and pains thoughts and worries many remain but their intensity is replaced by knowing they are like storm clouds that are merely covering the resonance.

The flow into resonance is a clearing of the small inside constricted feeling of me where awareness is limited to what I feel and think inside the space of my physical body. The expansion to resonance opens the walls of the bodies outer surface and I grow larger in what seems to be me. This seeming sense of me sees above the clouds to the beauty that is within and around everything.

Imagine that you have lived inland and have never seen the ocean. You go on a trip and find your self at the edge of the sea on a clear blue sunlit morning. Looking out at the vast blue ocean and lighter blue sky with sunlight reflecting on the water you feel the beauty of the earth. After taking in a deep breath and relaxing even more into the feeling of the beauty that is there you close your eyes and take the beauty deep inside. What has happened is that the visual image of the ocean and sky and reflected sunlight has become a window to the beauty of the core of the universe. When you close you eyes the sense of beauty does not stop.

Imagine another scene of a “beautiful” piece of art or a face, color or whatever you like. The underlying inside beauty is the same. It is only the outside surface that changes. So like the sunlight above the clouds the beauty of the core of the universe is always there and by allowing the surface constrictions we feel, to drop away we can flow into the sense of beauty or calm or love.

Think the thought you would like to envelop like joy and allow it to intersect with the outside surface of your body and sense the feeling of being joyful. Drop the clouds feel the joy, even if for just a moment — you know you can.

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