Going Home – A Meditation On Happiness 4-22-2019

Happiness is at the core of all experience.  Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper.

Sometime in childhood home is recognized as a thought and a feeling.  Later in life home is also felt as a place to come home to.  For some unfortunately the sense of home may be lost but it is not forgotten.

One path to return to home even if just for a brief vacation and respite is found in the following meditation.

Bingo Ball Meditation

Begin the meditation with your favorite practice.  Or, if you would like follow this suggestion.

  1. Sit comfortably with you back erect but not stiff.Sit as tall as you can while being as relaxed as you can at the same time. Try alternating sitting tall and then relaxing something.  Then tall again then relax something else.  Come to a balance between the two.
  2. Place your attention on your breath and watch it flow in and out. Find a place in your body where you can feel the experience of the breath.  Possibly the sensation of air moving along the inside of your nose or throat. Or the rising and falling of your belly or chest.
  3. It takes a few minutes to 20 minutes for the body/mind to settle into some level of meditation.
  4. Sharpen your concentration of attention to the breath rather than jumping into the Bingo Ball. The deeper your concentration the greater the effect of the Bingo Ball.
  5. A short story. Abe Lincoln (possibly famous for building log cabins) was asked the best way to cut down a tree in six hours.  He said, “sharpen your axe for the first four.”
  6. After sharpening your concentration on the breath start the Bingo Ball.
  7. Allow your mind, your thoughts or body sensations or feelings to flow into your awareness.
  8. Imagine your body is a bingo ball machine. Each thought, sensation or feeling that comes up represents a bingo ball rising to the opening at the top of the Bingo Ball machine; your mind.
  9. As each Bingo Ball comes up give it its natural name. Thinking, itching, planning, boredom, itchy, happy etc.
  10. Whatever is the most prominent thought, sensation or feeling will pop up first.
  11. Take that Bingo Ball and place it in a holder.
  12. Go on to the next Bingo Ball and the next repeating the same naming and then placing in the holder.
  13. If a Bingo Ball comes up with the same name that is fine. Follow the same sequence.images-12
  14. At the bottom of the Bingo Balls in the machine are the ones for happiness. They are a bit heavier and the other balls have to be brought up first.
  15. By naming each of the balls they lose their grip on your mind. Once enough of the Bingo Balls covering up the natural happiness at your core are brought up, named and placed in a holder there is nothing left but the experiencing of happiness.
  16. Happiness is at the core of all experience.Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper.



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