Allowing what already is 5-2-2019

As I was on my way to Walmart earlier this morning I was close to the intersection and the light turned yellow. I glanced in the rear view mirror and as I saw no one there so I took a half second to decide to allow the light to have changed and slowed to a stop.

Sitting there I contemplated a plan for the next hour to allow whatever was in the process of happening to happen without any resistance from me. I thought to myself, “Interesting, what would that be like?” And I committed to myself to do it. One hour.

Okay, the light already there. Good start. Next a song on the radio started to play, one I was not crazy about. Okay, I thought let it play rather than switching to another station.

A car buzzed by me obviously in a rush. He’s already past me on the road, time for me to let him go from my mind. An itch on my face, let it be.

I was starting to enjoy the game. Could I stay centered and calm with whatever came up for the remained of the hour? I felt light, free and airy.

Red light, no problem. Waiting for the green left turn arrow, no problem. I started to look for ways to allow more stuff to unfold.   Maybe someone will see a parking spot at the same time I do and I can let them have it. I parked and on the way into the store I noticed a couple of oddly shaped or oddly dressed people. My mind allowed and they were fine just as they were.

I was waiting for a big something to arise in front of me. What would happen? Then I realized that it was the small things occurring one at time that actually allowed change to happen. Without practice with the small things, the ones that you usually consider unimportant, when the big ones come up its to much to handle, you have no chance of succeeding. You get caught in repetitive thinking or unwanted commentary that you cannot let go of. With practice of allowing you may find access to the volume control that then allows you to quiet down the voice in your head.

As I kept noticing only a couple of times allowing required me to stop, step aside or Eye allowingaround something.   Mostly it was the thoughts in my mind that had been commenting and evaluating. As I relaxed into the allowing each time it almost felt like someone pressed the “like” button on one of my blogs. Without doing anything, actually by doing nothing I actually enjoyed shopping. (Not on my list of fun activities).

I even surprised myself when the self checkout scanner required a store associate to come over to approve the mango I wanted for lunch I got really tested. I passed.

Remember the best way you might eat an elephant?

Probably one bite at a time. Even with mustard or ketchup!

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