Peanut Butter Jelly Bread 5-14-2019

Three staples of a healthy diet or least one that tastes great. However, depending on the way the three ingredients are put together can affect the taste of every bite. The   peanut butter can be smooth or crunchy, with or without added sugar. The jelly can have added sweetener or not.   If preserves are added change name from jelly to jam along with the texture of the entire sandwich. And certainly the bread and quality of all the ingredients makes for an unlimited variety. In addition depending on the manner that the peanut butter and jelly or jam is applied to the bread is a factor. Is the peanut butter spread evenly and up to all the edges of the bread?   Does the jelly or jam drip out when you bite into the sandwich. Are the ingredients lightly spread or pushed into the pores of the bread?

Every bite is a composite of the peanut butter, jelly and bread. Every bite is different. Which bite do you save for last? Which bite is the best?

In one way every moment of life is composed of three components. The quality of the breath, the awareness of sensations in the body and the thoughts in the mind. In a similar manner as the peanut butter, jelly and bread sandwich the mood of each moment is a composite of its three components. When the three are in balance you feel happy.

Try this – If you are in a rush* to get some where or to finish a task notice each of thePeanut butter jelly brearthree components. What is the quality of your breath? Is it tight, fast, short?   What about your body? Tension or contraction anywhere? Is your thinking scattered and not focused on what you are doing but more on just getting it done?

Choose the component that is the most out of balance and adjust that one so you have right effort.   Miraculously the other two will start to change on their own.

*Can be applied to any other action, thought or feeling.

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