The Steering Wheel Of Life Chapter 2 5-24-2019

As the three of them grew up Don kept asked questions all the time.   Mickey remembers Don as mainly being a happy kid and extremely inquisitive. He just kept asking everybody, everything. Mickey had no idea what Don did with all of that information. He never heard him talk about anybody or repeat any of it. He just asked questions and asked questions and kinda hung out. He was always there. If you needed something you would go to Don. He would help you out, any time.

And then there is Mickey. Just as Artie said, Mickey was a somewhat scaredy-cat kid. Mickey did have some concerns about playing in public, but it really never came up. Mickey had played at family parties, he played at school in the band and even played while marching along in local parades. Mickey never played close up to other people though, it was always in a group. You know, never a solo performance. Aside from that Mickey was very curious. He was always taking things apart. He wanted to see what was on the inside, what made things work. Radios, an old amplifier his Uncle Bernie gave him, a broken violin, anything he could find would be taken apart. He never put anything back together and he never threw anything out. He had this big box of parts that he used to drag around with him when his family moved. He always thought he would figure it out some day and be able to use something. Well that was the three of them.

Life went along and the boys grew up. Interestingly, Don and Artie developed a wonderful balance of opposites and became sports announcers. Don did the detail of the play by play while Artie, sharp witted with his thick black angled eye brows, added all of the color and excitement.   Artie was always sure to wiggle those brows whenever the camera was showing the broadcasting booth. Mickey kept searching for what was on the inside and for ways to regain his happiness each time Artie blew it away. It took more than 15 years until at one of their frequent get togethers Mickey said,

“You know Artie, we’ve been friends for a lot of years. And you’ve been a nemesis, a real pain in the ass; you know you have, and I just want to let you know, I want thank you for it.”

“Thank me.” Artie said in shock. “I thought you’d have wanted to punch me out.”

“Yea Artie, I did want to punch you out, a whole lot of times.   But you know we grew up Punchand spent a lot of those, early years…you know, our mom’s probably changed our diapers at the same time. So, we have a bond you me and Don, probably more than a lot of families have. Yea so, I wanted to punch you out, but never really thought about doing it. Just one of those dreams, about doing it. But now that you mention it why don’t you stand up and I’ll give you a black eye” Mickey sort of joked.

“Ha, ha,” Artie said hesitantly, “That’s pretty funny Mick.   Mickey chuckles. Don is just staring out and then.

“Hey guys what about me? Don blurted out. “Mickey, if I was such a crap head like Artie would you hug me too? Don asked.

“Not now Don.” Mickey responded.

Mickey continues to Artie and Don. “You know life is funny and I found out a whole bunch of stuff that I haven’t told you guys about. As it turns out Artie, you are the reason that I was able to discover what I did.” Artie just gives him this incredulous look.

Don shocked says, “What the f are you talking about?”

“My new life steering wheel.” said Mickey “you gotta hear about it. Do you think your both mature enough, now, to listen?” They were all silent for a moment.

to be continued …

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