The Steering Wheel Of Life Chapter 4 5-28-2019

Mickey told them. “The fear and death opened my senses up. The sensations expanded and stretched my awareness way out in one crappy direction but now I felt ready for its rebound toward happiness to occur in the other direction. It’s like a spring, as much as you press it down it then springs back up the other way. That was the beginning of my doorway into happiness. It starts with intense, and I mean one pointed intense concentration and focus. Attention to the detail of what’s in front of you. If you can keep you mind clear so that you don’t think about the past, you don’t think about the future and you don’t even think about the present you are just experiencing what is there. It is that moment of experiencing, that opens the doorway. The next thing I found out was that happiness is already on the inside and, there is no door.”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down a bit.” Don said. “Tell me about this doorway, into happiness.”

Mickey said. “It’s got two parts. The first part is how you do it and the second is where it comes from. Just like I said. And then the kicker is why I don’t want to punch Artie out anymore.”

At that moment something changed. You could see it on Artie’s face.   Even without knowing what it was he seemed to have caught on, that Mickey was different, he felt something. Artie wondered if Mickey had really transformed? And did he have something to do with it. All of a sudden Artie got interested.

Mickey watched as he saw both Artie and Don lean in a little closer towards him as if they did not want miss any of his words.

“Artie let’s talk about food,” Mickey said

“What, sure whatever; why food? Which one? Whatever you want Mick you’re the ….” As Artie stopped in mid thought waving Mickey off.

“Oranges,” Mickey replied and paused. Then asked both Artie and Don, “What does an orange taste like?”

“That’s easy” Don replied, “it tastes just like an orange.”

“C’mon Don, think, just saying an orange does not give you any color or even detail. An orange is sweet but a bit tart, it is juicy and a bit sticky the flavor is like a…“ and Artie stopped again in mid thought.

“Anything else, guys?” Mickey prodded and added “Not that simple, huh? I guess you justexperience have to taste an orange to know what it really tastes like. What if I asked you to tell me what the view is like from the top of the scenic overlook off 84; could you do that? Could you describe it is such great detail about all the colors, the layers of depth the sound of the wind through the trees and the play of sunlight and shadows; or would you have to be there yourself to take it in?

Artie out of control demands, “What’s the point Mick?”

“Yeah?” what’s this about?” Don added

“It’s about the experience of the moment, about living life and not just thinking about it. It’s the door opening just a crack so that you can start to see what’s inside. Or actually it’s more than seeing what’s inside you can start to feel it, to taste it like the orange.”

Mick, experience I get it. Like when I tell the play by play it’s like trying to describe an orange.   You have to see it directly for yourself to have the real experience.” Don said.

And not to be outdone Artie added, “And my color commentary adds shading to that, but I see now the description of the experience is still hollow. Startled Artie sat up straighter like a buzz-saw woke him, Hey, guys! I just felt the real meaning of the ‘map is not the territory.’”

Mickey smiled and said, “That’s it, that’s the first part. ……

To be continued…..

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