Thinking and Feeling Right Now 6-1-2019

The other day at Barnes & Noble while taking another sip the smile on Mickey’s face did not feel right. Something was missing. Mickey turned a bit inward and checked out the thoughts in his head. He was still reviewing the great over the water golf shot on the last hole to tie for the round. He had been three holes down in match play with three holes to go. On 16 his opponent had to lay up and Mickey though, “its make it or break it,” and went for a long ball over the water to the green. He made that and the last two holes. Fun to reminisce but still a distraction from the even happier body/mind sensations of now.

Thinknfeeling the image of the ball over the water, Mickey  smiled and let it go and felt as though he was slipping into a tub of pleasantly hot water. All the small muscles on his face relaxed at one time replaced by a happier tone.

A scratchy voice from the adjacent table that had been an unwelcome distraction was sensations headstill there so Mickey turned to it as the present tip of the iceberg of existence; with all of his attention.

Listening intently to the sound and not any interpretation of the words he discovered another soul just like his own, just trying to be happy.

Mickey finished his Extra Hot Chai Latte and went upstairs to his favorite book section smiling continually as he rode the escalator patiently to the top.

Enough with just having a good time. The search for a new book was planned for today’s exercise.

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