Love Beauty Seeing Through Illusions 6-5-2019

I just recalled another image to use like looking down a telescope backwards and “feeling” the bigness when you know that the distance you are seeing is an illusion compared to what you “know” to be reality.

Lost in the illusion of the setting sun I was totally unaware of the many movements that were simultaneously occurring. The cruise ship was moving through the water being swayed by the water’s current and force of the wind. The earth was turning away from the sun faster than the ship was going towards the sun. The earth was traveling in an arc around the sun which was traveling in and arc in a spiral band towards the outside edge of the milky way. The entire constellation was moving away from other constellations and there are other movements that I do not even know exist. However, I was focused on only one of these movements and that was the apparent sinking of the sun down below the horizon.

So what was I “seeing” and was this an illusion or reality? Why do I start to think that the watching of the sun going below the horizon is illusion just because I “know” that it is the earth turning away.    What is the reality. It is relative to something else. Everything is relative. There is nothing absolute. If there were something absolute how would we know. We can only know or understand things relative to something else.

Can you imagine the beauty beneath a “dot” painted on a wall? This is seemingly indescribable just as the knowing that nothing is absolute and that everything is relative.   Fortunately the relationship of love and knowing that you love someone and that they love you is an automatic connection to the beauty that exists beneath everything.

So in trying to describe this beauty it can more easily be felt by asking someone to imagine that a person they love is hidden behind a wall and that they merge with the wall so that you can now see their beauty within the wall then realize that what you are seeing is beauty and not the wall or the person but that by looking “though” whatever it is there is beauty .

As the saying goes love (beauty) is in the eyes of the beholder.

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