Opening To The Mystery 6-16-2019

One of the primary benefits of happiness in addition to its sensation of feeling good is its power to radiate compassion and love. Being in a happy state generates an open capacity for compassion for oneself and others.
A wider energetic view of what is happening within me and around me feels more alive. Perception and awareness of people and nature expands.
When you notice the happiness:
  1. Maintain the awareness for a few breaths.
  2. Feel it in your body. Notice the somatic physical portion of the experience.
  3. Think of precisely what you are doing. At this moment.


Take in the full experience and reinforce it by spending time in the experience, feeling it and truly being aware of it as it is happening.
Experience: liking, disliking, mood swings, interested, bored, happy and sad. They all and others come up by design or by random causes and conditions.
When you notice you are within one you like try the practice of 1,2,3.
Ride its wave. And then go on to more fully accept whatever is next.
Become open to the mystery.

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