Reborn In This Moment Free Clear Delicious.

In the early morning as your awareness returns from sleep the very first edge of waking up is free from the weight of past thoughts.  This beginning of this moment is delicious, clear, free and full of insight. However, it morphs quickly under the weight of yesterday.

During the remainder of the day each moment has a similar clear beginning. It stands apart as a rock in a stream with water flowing all around. As long as the rock has a solid foundation and is not moved by the stream it can recall its connection to the beginning of time. It becomes the relative still point that sees through to the foundation of compassion and love that radiates from happiness.

Relative to the eons of time a life span of 100 years is less that a drop in the ocean.  Being reborn every hundred years is little different than being reborn in 100 minutes or even one hundred seconds or even one second. In each moment we are reborn. Therefore to experience the clear, free and full insight of the edge of waking up we do not have to wait for the next morning.  We merely have to wait for the very next moment.

Right now this moment and this moment and this moment.  Catch its leading edge.  You do not have to drop the karma of 100 or more years but only the karma of the last moment.

You are reborn in each moment.

What would you like for this one?

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