Life On Time With Now 6-17-3019

A kaleidoscope of movement surrounded me as I sat gazing past the magazine stand and out through the window of the Cafe  at Barnes &  Noble.  The images of those moving close by was seen against the background of the bookstand or wall behind them. The movement outside of the cars seen against other cars or buildings.  Clouds moving against a blue sky. Each layer of movement seen against and relative to its stationary background.

I suddenly saw the depth of seeing and became aware of its three dimensional nature.  And that I was in the same three dimensional space that continued  flowing behind me.

This sense of spaciousness triggered my awareness of sounds as they too flowed in from all directions near and far as if in concentric layers.

As I sat sensing the sights and sounds an unremembered tension dropped away.  My breath flowed deeply in as I relaxed into just sitting. Looking and hearing suspended and I realized I had returned to being.

The sense of wanting something different than whatever I was doing had dissolved.  The hurried sense to finish this to get to that was gone.

I was on time with now. 

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