Resting As Meditation 6-29-2019

Imagine walking through a desert and seeing a lone tree one hundred yards ahead.  With each step growing anticipation of a reprieve from the direct sunlight builds.  As soon as you step into the shade you experience an instantaneous release of your mind’s holding onto its wanting release from the burning sun.  For a moment there is pure rest with no conscious effort.

In a similar manner when thirsty the first sip of water, when hungry the first bite of food, when on a rocking boat the first step on solid ground all start with that first moment of spontaneous effortless rest.

Meditation may be thought of as this effortless rest.  Entering into the space of resting or release.  This space of effortless rest can also be found at the beginning of the outbreath.

Try this:  Breath in deeply. Then pull in a little more air feeling that extra bit of pressure at the top of your chest.  Hold for one to three seconds and then very slowly allow the breath to flow out on its own. Focus attention on the minute space between the holding of the breath in and the start of the breath flowing out. This space is the rest.  The timing of this space is the same as the instant it takes for a ball thrown straight up in the air to change from going up to going down.

You can find this space of rest and practice to extend it to the full length of the out breath.

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