Honey Chakras Running And Returning 7-7-2019

I can feel the energy of the honey in the tea running through my body.  It has a voice and is wanting me to allow it to release at the level of sensation.

Sensation the second chakra is the first opening where the energy can flow outward. However I can narrow the opening so that it does not explode and effectively channel the energy to the next higher chakra of power.

At this chakra the third I start to feel the strength of my muscles and ability to move things around as I choose.  The sense of power is transforming the energy that leaked out as wanting more sensation to the straightening of my spine and awareness of the sensations of sitting erect.

With this awareness of movement of the energy I constrict the third chakra and sense the energy moving upward to the fourth heart chakra as love starts to flow in all directions and a smile forms from the inside and shows on the outside of my face.

Continuing the journey of the energy from the honey it passes through the fifth chakra and my voice starts to direct my finger tips to tapping lightly on the keyboard; no longer after a thought runs through my mind but spontaneously as it is forming.

Awareness settling in the sixth chakra waitlessly watching the ot five and the honey returning to the sweetness of the mystery through the 7th.

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