STOP LISTEN LOOK a meditation for now 7-22-2019

Ring a bell


Stop — for a moment and fully

Listen  — to the sound as it softens

Look – all around up and down and see what is happening right now

During your day sounds are all around.  Some of the sounds attract your attention; for a moment. The honk of a cars horn, the engine of a huge truck, the screaming of a child, the soft whoosh of a breeze, the refrigerator just as it goes off.  Each time you become aware of any sound.




Take a moment to be with the present moment just as it is.  Flow into the now of your life.  Use the sounds around to let go of the continual chatter in your head of what you need to do later and what you might have done differently yesterday.

Enjoy each moment to its fullest as if it were the first sip of an ice cream soda or the first crunch of a potato chip.  Don’t hold on.  Let it go. Do not become attached. Then move on to the next sound that comes into your awareness.  Gradually extend these moments into your day as it becomes filled with more and more of now.

Might as well enjoy “Now” you are always in it anyway.

P.S. Remember when noticed the “Sounds of Silence” may be even more helpful.




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