Mysteries Inside Mysteries

What goes up must come down. Hot and cold, long and short, yin and yang, happy and unhappy. Each extreme contains the seed for its opposite. Either you go back in the opposing direction or inevitably you end up circling back to the very place you started.

If you are not getting what you want from what is right in front of you try looking for the opposing seed in its very center. Turn it around or turn it over and perhaps a different view will reveal some of the mystery you are seeking.

Ajahn Brahm found when he started teaching the Four Noble Truths with the first about suffering no one wanted to listen. He looked deeper and found the third truth that described the end of suffering to contain its seed of happiness. When suffering ends happiness is born. He then continued to delve into the second Noble Truth and saw the cause of suffering to be the forerunner to the cause of happiness. He then acknowledged that there is not always happiness which emerges as suffering; the First Noble Truth. The suffering that comes form asking life to give us something that appears to be unavailable in that moment. And then finishes with resolving the dilemma by applying the Fourth Truth of the 8 Fold Path.

By rearranging the order of the Four Noble Truths and viewing them from alternative directions more moments of happiness are uncovered.


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