Active meditation 8-27-2019

The drive up into the mountains was a long haul from South Florida. Focus, attention to the road, drive, look, attention, drive, listen, drive. All of the built up wear and tear vanished at the first glimpse of the mountains while still in Georgia. Sitting behind the wheel now returned to an active meditation from having been solely a means to go from one place to another.

Once at the mountain lake I always enjoyed another transformation. It was a short swim from the dock at the lake’s shore to a small float anchored to the lake bottom. The water was always cold with a thin layer of warmer water on top. I swam quickly and climbed onto the float.   As I sat still doing had transformed again into being. When I was ready the swim back was calm, peaceful and what I call active meditation.

I have found that there is a link between our exterior life and our interior life. And that our interior life of contemplation and meditative attention does not have to occur mainly within a formal sitting meditation. Our meditation attention can be channeled into any external object or experience or activity. There is a linkage that connects everything to everything else. What we primarily see is the external cover while the entire story lies inside.

Finding ways to pierce the cover erases the boundary between our inner and outer life. Attention is the key and when placed within a keyhole of intention the doorway between inner and outer opens.

Try this let:

Attention be looking and noticing.

Intention be the effects of candle light.

In the evening switch off the lights in your kitchen and use a few candles to light the room. Use looking and noticing as the shapes of routine things have changed their appearances. Smudges on the stove have almost vanished, the specks on the floor have stopped screaming to be washed away and the clutter has softened to bumps on the counter top. With the softer light with its slight flicker the room has transformed into a haven of calm and quiet ready for meditation.

What other combination of attention and intention have you used to soften the wall between your outer and inner experiences? When the right intention is present in mind and you allow your body to do its own thing routine tasks may become an active meditation bringing you more moments of happiness throughout your day.

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