Meditation Become What You Will Be 10-3-2019


Breathe in and lean back

Breathe in and lean forward

Balance in the middle of now

There are two parts to now.

Doing and commentary.

Right now — what are you doing?

Right now —- what is your internal commentary?

Each moment connects to the next. Your future starts right now in this moment.

Can you breathe more freely?

Is your mind fully clear and calm?

What holds you back?

Drop any resistance.

If you are expecting to do that in the future your future begins right now.

You can only become what you are now.  Whatever you may want to be starts from where you are.

Adjust your body and thought to be your future self living in this moment.

Adjust whatever is needed so that your current commentary matches your planned future commentary.

If you wait for the future to make your adjustments you will lose all of the moments of available happiness in between now and then.

Why wait —- isn’t happiness in your own hands?

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