Mystical doors of happiness 8-9-19

God’s front door is the world.

To go to God you have to go through the world.

To get to God you have to start where you are; in the world. You must go through the world to get to God.

All of your sense windows are openings to perceiving God. Do not block what comes in from your sights, sounds, tastes, smells, sensations and thoughts.

All sense experience rides on or is carried on or travels through a wave of happiness. Like electricity is carried along a wire or sound carried through the air.

When you fully and deeply take in a sense contact the wave of happiness can be felt.  Any sense contact is a means of allowing  the wave of happiness in. Like any flavor of ice cream allows in the wave of eating ice cream.

Everything is wearing its own mask on the surface of God. When you learn to “see” through the mask you can see it as a face of God.

Each thing is a wave on the ocean of the universe. It has its own impermanent suchness  while maintaining its universal emptiness. 

Fully hold open the doors of your senses ride its wave of happiness and let God in.

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