Life A Bowl Of Happiness 10-11-19

How many times have you enjoyed a bowl of broth, soup, cereal, ice cream? Do you have a favorite bowl that makes it even better?

Try this:

Every day for a week or two write down on a small piece of paper a memory of a happy place you have been or a joyful time spent with someone you care about.

Place all of these written notes in a bowl.

The next time you are looking for something to read while you are eating retrieve this bowl and spill out the notes in easy reach of your planned seat. Rinse the bowl and add the food of your choice. As you are eating slowly read through some of your happy memories taking whatever time you like with each one.

When you are finished eating write a new note and when the bowl is clean and dry place all of the notes back in it.

In time the bowl will start to resonate with your happiness energy and catch your eye even when you are not using it.

By just looking at the bowl a flood of happiness will pass through you.

Catch as much happiness as you like.


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