Walking in the woods of the city 10-14-2019

While walking through the woods in Virginia I inadvertently stepped off the path. I noticed that most of the path was covered with leaves although it still showed its face here and there as well as the green and red markings on the trees. But all of a sudden I realized that the path was gone as well as the green and red swatches on the tree trunks. It was quiet though and that was the main reason that I went for a walk in the woods.

I wanted to find a place were the sounds of the city, the suburbs, the tumult, the heavy air, the noise, confusion, horn blowing and traffic light waiting supermarket counter rushing to get through could all be left behind. I wanted to leave it all just for a while so I came to the woods took the path and oddly enough even though I knew my way back the sensation of being off the path was similar to the confusion of being back on the city’s sidewalk with the noise and tumult all around.

So I sat down closed my eyes and placed attention on my breath. I imagined that I was at the bottom floor of an open air elevator on the outside of a 50 story building; and the elevator start going up. As I looked down about 10 stories everything looked a little bit smaller, the noise was a little bit softer and even the air felt a bit fresher. I went up to the 20th floor looked down again and everything looked smaller the air was even refresher and the noise had become just a hum barely recognizable as all the sounds morphed into one. I rode up to the 30th floor and it was becoming much quieter more open, more at ease. At the fifteenth floor I could just see the top of peoples heads and their shoulders and not hearing any of the noise at all.

And I realized that the anxiety of being at the ground level was gone. My thoughts jumped back to being in the woods and I realized maybe I could climb a tree just to give me the vantage point of the big picture.

I think that’s the whole secret seeing the Universal the big, big picture and the smaller smallest details both at the same time.

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