Groovy Happiness in 17 Seconds 10-16-2019

Even a broken clock has the correct time twice a day.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose.

When I was in woodshop class in junior high school our teacher Mr. Feurestein had a huge clock on the wall. The face of the clock was painted in alternating quarter hours of red and green. In the green 15 minutes you could walk away from your workspace, ask a question or turn on (with permission) a machine. In the red 15 minute quarter hours you were required to remain at your workstation and work or not. No questions were allowed and you could turn off a machine if needed but not turn it back on.

It seemed utterly ridiculous to me at the time but that was about 60 years ago and it still is a vivid memory. It also gave me a discipline which took years for me to appreciate.   And the understanding that everything comes back around in time if you can wait patiently for it to show up. Be prepared and be ready do not miss it when it arrives.

In a writing class the other day one of the other students asked an interesting question. “How do you shift in writing from negative experiences or topics to happiness?”

For me it seems to come naturally. It just feels better so I do it.   However, my mind’s answer was the green and red clock.

Wait for the happiness to come around. Like the broken clock and the seasons everything comes around in time. During each day thoughts and experiences of happiness and sadness come and go. For many of us our attention is drawn to the unhappiness and the happy moments slip by unnoticed. Or perhaps they do not seem important enough to pay attention to. Or that there are more pressing concerns

that must be addressed.

Make time for the happy moments to soak in when they occur. By focusing attention for 17 seconds on the happy sensations a groove of happiness is deepened allowing othe

r happy moments to fall in line more easily. Gradually you get used to the feeling of being happy and catch yourself sooner when you fall out of your happiness groove.

Give it the 17 second try, its groovy.

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