Intentions Toward Happiness 1-31-2020

Intentions are a marvelous creation of the mind.  They can continually guide us in the directions of our choice.  Hold on to your intentions as you navigate through the stream of life.


A natural negative reaction to a moment of life such as fear, anger or aversion can be used to understand and experience their opposites.


Hot cold, up down, inside outside, rich poor are all in balance with each other. To experience the fullness of one side and embrace it automatically exposes its other side. To experience fear or anger etc requires courage to embrace it and when negative emotions are experienced not to offer resistance.


Feel the fear and do it anyway is only partially correct. The fear must be seen or felt as an object of awareness and care must be taken to avoid becoming attached to it.


This would be like wading in the water but not getting wet.Intentions rainbow


What gets wet when you go swimming. You or your body? What gets angry you or your thoughts?


Stay dry be happy.


Each mind state such as fear or courage has a body component. Each has a specific body tone a distinctive feeling sensation. Fear feels like this courage like that.


Although wet, hot, cold or dry also has a body component they are easier to relate to as they are responses to factors from outside the physical body.


By holding intention in mind when the habitual spontaneous felt physical reactions to life occur it is an opportunity to use this unwanted negative energetic sensation to be a pathway to its opposite.  Hold on do not offer resistance.


Notice the fear reaction. Let go of its attachment by holding an even stronger intention. Pivot to the known opposite and then go back and fully explore the negative side. Allow it to “wet” you and then evaporate. Stay dry.


What remains is your intention that pulls you up by your own bootstraps.

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