Doors of Happiness and Joy 3-21-2020

We are living through a trying distracting time period.  Like moths we are pulled toward watching sad news over and over again. However as doors of our routine happier life are closing others doors are opening.  Remember the closest exit from worries and anxiety may be found right behind you.  I invite you to turn around and open the door of mindfulness.  Right now let’s begin to explore glimpses of joy along the path of windows, mirrors and tunnels.


We will begin with my favorite ice creams. Cherry Garcia mint chip, maple walnut or even vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.  Recall as a kid an ice cream memory.  Mine was a trip to the bakery in Bellerose, Queens in NYC.  I can picture it and taste it right now.  Right now take 5 seconds.  Focus your memory of ice cream in your mind’s eye. That’s the window,   of windows , mirrors and tunnels. Next imagine looking at the moment of this memory and see yourself in a mirror. I see myself inside the bakery with my hand reaching into the ice cream freezer; clear as day 64 years ago.  That’s the mirror.

Next expand the action as though you are watching yourself in the mirror. What happened before and after the image that you are watching? Describe the action  of your multiple images of memory.


I walked down the street and around the corner. Crossed over Union Turnpike, past the candy store and the A & P market and went into the Bellerose Bakery. I reached into the freezer and took out a rectangular container of vanilla, chocolate and butter pecan ice cream. The container was about the size of a large Philadelphia Cream Cheese and cost 35 cents. At home my dad cut the block of  ice cream into four portions and my, best dog in the world Brownie, got to lick the container clean.

That was the tunnel.

Can you feel the warmth in your heart inside the tunnel?


You can build this glimpse of joy with mindfulness.

Are you ready?  Would you rather hold onto a burning hot coal of worry and anxiety or just drop it.

Of course you would rather be happy or at the very least be less sad.

Join me for a free video conference on mindfulness. Learn to navigate your windows and mirrors, as you tunnel your way into glimpses of greater joy.

Open this door now.

Email Mike Selzer for available video conference scheduling. thats


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