Landing Places Resting In Joy

Landing Places


Imagine flying in a private plane with you as the pilot. An extremely important thing to know would be where the landing places are.


During our everyday comings and goings for most of the day our heads, just like a flying plane, are up in the clouds. Mostly we are thinking about what we are doing and whether we like it or not.  Or, we are thinking about we would rather be doing or recalling things we have done. Again with shades of liking on not liking those thoughts.   Just like an airplane flying in the clouds our mind/body/soul also needs a landing place.


A landing place is one where we can go to settle down. To be with ourselves. To be able to just be with what is. To Be Here Now. To be grounded without efforting to be here. To be watching and feeling what is without wanting or needing it to be any different than, it is. Being still.


When I am in my landing place my body is in resonance with the landing place. The wanting and waiting for something to be different is not present. Distractions are either not there or they are no longer distractions.


If particles are merely concentrations of energy waves of one field or another and these particles are the building blocks of people then the thoughts that we create and think are what ultimately rearranges the concentrated particles around us. This rearrangement of particles, that is what we think about, truly becomes the reality of what is around us. If this is so then why do I not have what I want around me? Am I not thinking of the result that I want and focusing instead on what I do not want? How much of karma that I have already created is playing out and causing my thinking to be about what I do not want rather than what I do want? If karma is a factor where are the places that I can redirect or create new karma that is not a result of the old karma. How much control or ability to change my thinking do I have.

What do I have to say no to, to then be able to say yes to what I want?


A landing place is a multidimensional still life painting of me. It captures the essence of a still life painting and this essence flows along in time with time. A painting or photograph can capture the essence of   NOW . A landing place is a place you go to and have an experience of a still life painting. It is as if everything stops moving around me and starts to flow and move with me in resonance. Like looking at the waves from a moving cruise ship. The ones close by are seen to move by the ship while the ones in the distance seem to move along with the ship. In the landing place everything moves along with me. (Or I am now moving along with everything else as it all blends together). In a movie in the last scene sometimes the image of one building stays in the center of the image and the background moves as the camera pans out and away; as if trying to connect a still image to a flow in time.



What we call sound and sights are made up by our consciousness giving these sound/sights discrete names. They are all just differing arrangements of the concentrations of energy fields. As such it takes our consciousness to separate then from the myriad of other particles of energy. Therefore we make up the reality we call sound/sights. Therefore perhaps sound only exists if it is heard.


Where are you aiming to land?


Along the way try focusing on the sense feeling of joy rather than the thinking of joy.

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