Mindful Happiness Workshop on Zoom free

Greetings to all my fellow earth-mates


I hope you are well. As earthlings seasoned or novice we all find islands of calm within the terrible storm of our world. If not our grandchildren may be lost. I wish for your islands to grow into continents of peace and happiness.


I am so thankful that my journey through life has had many, many joyful moments. It has been a fantastic ride criss-crossing between mind, body, soul, self and others.


My attention has been on happiness and mindful meditation. I will be starting an on line Mindful Happiness workshop on Zoom weekly starting:


This Tuesday:     April 14th at 7:00 pm.


Of course it is free.


Link go to :   http://www.ijkl.org   then go into IJKL SHARE ZOOM ROOM

or:   https://zoom.us/j/9940804617?status=success


I would greatly appreciate your energy. Jump in on-line Tuesday and say hi.


Please pass this along to any of your contacts that may be interested.


Thank you.


Michael Selzer DDS (retired) in Florida


Meditation is a window to see that happiness is the base camp for ascending the mountain of enlightenment. Hope to meet you along the way. (ms)


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