Becoming Interested Easy as 1 2 3

Easy as 1 2 3

Become interested and absorbed easily in anything

Willful breath, Reflective breath, Flowing beath


Join Zoom Mindful Happiness Workshop ( hands on experience of 1 2 3 )

Tonight April 21 at 7:00 pm

ID 994-080-4617 password 838526


Choose an activity – meditating, cleaning, swimming, walking, listening, exercising, etc. any  “ing


First breath – use your intention and will to breathe. Breathe in and then breath out. This first breath is willful with intention.


Second breath – reflect on any images or sensations that arise during the breath.


Third breath – let go and flow with whatever you are doing.



First breath – while breathing contemplate the perfect technique, the You Tube video of how an expert would be doing this action or activity.


Second breath – while breathing image tracing paper of yourself doing this activity.


Third breath – while breathing just be doing the activity.   The “ing” action flowing along with it.




First breath as a window opening into the activity.

Second breath as a mirror reflecting images and sensations

Third breath flowing along inside a tunnel of the action or activity the doing of it.


As you complete these nine breaths (3 sets of 3 breaths of 1 2 3) you will be into whatever the “ing” is that you started.


Imagine you started at the entrance to a tunnel with a mind set without enthusiasm. See where you are when you come out of the tunnel.


Easy as 1 2 3

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