Enjoying Waves Of Breath 5-21-20

Ride the crest of the wave of your breath.

Look out into the Universe as the space ship earth travels through each moment of now along the edge of time.

Spontaneously becoming each new moment joining seamlessly from one to another.

Looking forward the outside becoming the inside and looking backward the inside returning into the outside.

I am continuously in the middle.

In between the two tensions of past and future.

In between wanting more or less, up or down, me or you.

The end of each breath.

Becoming the beginning of the next.

Watching patiently as each thought, feeling and sensation rises into the stream of my current awareness influencing and capturing its attention.

And then the next breath flows in and out.

Where will my attention go?

Caught between lingering adhesion to the last breath or enticed by the new?

Ride the wave.

Let the thoughts and sensations pass by like clouds in the sky, leaving no trace of their passage.

Light, free, spacious, just now.

Enjoying the ride.

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