A Joyful Breath Of Meditation

Free will gives us the ability to focus attention at the still point which lives at the very center of our Universe or anywhere else where the movement of our mind has taken us to. And to know the difference.


Although it is certainly possible to live at the still point while in the midst of activity and flowing thoughts it requires practice. To find the still point it is easier to begin by sitting still and limiting thoughts. The body, mind soul is like a spider web that when touched vibrates from one end to the other including the spider.


Touching the still point always begins in the moment of, right now.


Sit still and be still for one breath in and out.


As you are watching the breath and feeling the air flowing in and then out think only of the breath.


On the next few breaths relax into yourself. As you remain sitting still watching your breath flowing in and out release the sensation of internal muscle tension without moving. Soften the muscles of your arms, legs and back internally without moving. Think of ice cream softening within itself as it warms up before it starts to melt.

Imagine enjoying a bowl of meditation to be just like one of ice cream.  Enjoy every breathful.

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