Switching Into Happiness 7-29-20

Imagine a see-saw.

Which part would you imagine yourself to be?


Would you be the fulcrum at the middle a trusted point without preference to one side or the other?

Would you rather be on one side or the other and how far out towards the edge?


Imagine the fulcrum as routine okay-ness

One side as contentment going through happiness to the edge of ecstatic

The other side as annoyed going through irritation to the edge of rage


The key is the ability to switch. To rebalance when you get pulled to one side or extreme and the other.


Think of it as the mind’s homeostasis of returning or rebooting to a new page, a new open window.


We are a balance between the still oneness of the cosmic universe and the movement of wanting and desire.


A quick window of return to balance is as easy as looking out a window and watching the movement of the leaves on a tree, the petals on a flower or a leaf in the wind. Each can be followed back through its movement to the life force that comes up through the earth animating the stillness into movement.


Especially ourselves.


If your mind is moving to fast look at the ease of movement of the leaves and slow doing to feel its life force. If you are being too still stir yourself awake by observing the waving petals of a flower joining their expression of the energy of life.


Or as you may prefer join with the leaf and allow the winds of chance to breathe you into your next adventure.


With happiness and ease of well being


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