Bumper Cars & Choosing Happiness 8-5-20

Beneath the words is the paper they are written on.

In order for any words to be seen a foundation or background must already be present.

In music there is space between the notes.

In a story there is silence between words.

There seems to be a background of nothing for the things of something to rest upon.

However, neither can exist without the other.

The question then is are we the something or the nothing?

The background must always be there.  All of our thoughts, emotions, experiences and sensations are resting upon a foundation, upon a background.  Like words on a piece of paper.  Clouds drifting through the sky.  Earth, sun, moon stars drifting through space.  If there were no space there would be no planets moving through it.  If there were no planets there would not be any space to be between them.  If there were no things there could not be any, nothing.  They seem to go together. In order for there to be a something there has to be a nothing.

For nothing to be there, there has to be a nothing of something.  It is like a hole in a piece of paper that has nothing in it but needs the paper to define the hole.  While all of the time the nothing around the paper defines the paper itself as something.

So as we are contemplating our thoughts; when there are no thoughts in mind, for thoughts to appear they have to come out of nothing .  Otherwise there would be nothing for the thought to be taken out of.  A fish can only be pulled out of the water because the water is there.  If there were no water there would be no fish.  So the thoughts could not exist without the background for them to have come out of.

Next, if we take our emotions, feelings and sensations there is a background of nothing that they come from.  And we can go into the background of nothing and come back out in a different spot.  Like diving under the water in one spot and coming out in another.  You can come back out from a different opening.  Like the story of the turtle that sticks it head up through a life preserver in a different place in the ocean.  For us each life preserver might be named a different thought that we come back to the surface of awareness in.

Dive into the nothing and come back out into a different emotion or a different moment of your life where you pop back out. This moment can be either a continuation, a habitual way of thinking or possibly something new.

This moment could be an alternative to coming back to the same continuing experience that you had, when you dove under the water into the nothing, you can come up to a new moment.  Can you come up to whatever is happening as though it were new and for the first time?

It is fine to maintain a similar agenda.

As an alternative why not try to jump back in as a new adventure?

Let it be just as it is. No prior agenda.

So I am driving and its in the morning and the maniacs around me are zipping and out.  So as I pop up into this moment and maybe see that its just like bumper cars and I am just getting out of the way. Rather than is terribly annoying.images

So the expression for each moment of life that is not going the way I would prefer might just be


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