Minding This Moment

It often surprises me that the simplest thoughts turn out to be the most profound.

I was watching a Ted Talk on inspiration and happiness.  In one segment the speaker was noting that a significant factor in illness was related to being alone or separated from others as many of us are now with covid. 

My mind leapt into the thought that separateness is not necessarily only from others but may also be separateness from whatever you are doing.  If you are not fully focused on whatever is happening right in front of your right now you are actually separated from it.

Mindfulness of what you are doing reduces distractions and allows a greater concentration and most notably an enhanced enjoyment and appreciation of any experience.

Connecting fully to what you do is like plugging a heating pad into the electric outlet.  As the focused electricity passes through the by-product of radiant heat is naturally warm and soothing.



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