Entering the Gap

Although thoughts may seem to flow uninterrupted from one to the other there is usually a small gap in between them.  When you are in the “Gap” you are flowing within time and everything else stands still.  Your Gap might be imagined as nirvana, happiness, God, being or envisioning your highest wish. 

I invite you to read on and hopefully finding your way into your own felt sense of the Gap.

Almost continually we are receiving information from our five sense windows and thoughts.  I will focus on sights, sounds and thoughts as they are the most prominent.  Whenever we become aware of something (some + thing), a sight, sound or thought,  there is an almost immediate shift into an instantaneous evaluation of liking or disliking whatever it is.  Often we spend more time thinking about our liking or disliking and our comparison of this “thing” or experience rather then about the thing itself.  We get to ride along a wave of emotion and then the next thing comes along; unless we have become attached or stuck to the current thought.  Check in with yourself as to your internal evaluation of these words, right now. Getting stuck eliminates the gap because we just ruminate and recycle the same thought round and round sometimes building up into an action that we might later have preferred not to have done. 

Remember the gap

Recently I have been practicing with the two thoughts of:

Let go and embrace.

Whatever the thought or experience is, as soon as you become aware of thinking about it or evaluating it just “Let go.”

If the thought sticks around then I practice embracing it.  For me embracing the thought is to ride the wave of the emotion that has been raised.  Once the wave has crested and settles I find that I can then let go of it.

As I watch for thoughts and emotions to arise and fall on there own I help then along by repeating to myself, “let go.”  Then whatever the next sight, sound or thought that comes into awareness I repeat to myself, “let go.” 

Gradually I start to see the gap, the small quiet space in between thoughts. I start to feel the calm, stillness and enjoyment and then WAP its gone as quickly as it had arrived. So I go back to letting go and embracing. Sometimes when I become really quiet and still the old thoughts drop away and new connections and insights appear. 

Often I can sit and watch the trees swaying in the wind that I cannot see. 

I sit and wonder why is that?


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