Naked Under Your Clothing 4-14-21

You are completely naked under your clothing.  Interesting visual.  But of course right now as you are reading this you are covered by a thin layer of fabric most likely a combination of cotton and a synthetic fiber. This thin film of material allows you to not only be covered and protected but provides the opportunity to present a book cover of your personality to the world; as detailed as your garments.

Another even more intricate covering of your true being are the myriad of intertwined thoughts, sensations and emotions that are creating a river of you right now.

Memories of the past and anticipation of the future fuel the waves of thoughts that churn up emotions of liking and disliking; wanting more of one thing and less of another.  How much do you wish to be on vacation again so that everything can just drop away and you can relax and just be?  To have a moment of complete peace and quiet, free from everything on your mind and body? Is it possible in this moment right now to just let go and enjoy the freedom of a single full breath of “fresh” air?

Imagine being on a mini vacation (vacate thoughts) right now.  All you need to do is let go of thoughts and relax ( re=again, be lax). You know you can do it, you have done it before).

I invite you to read on and answer this question:

Can you find a way to stop the river of thoughts right now and for an instant merge into the present moment?

Imagine riding a bicycle along a quiet country lane. You stay in balance by leaning side to side or turning the handle bar.  If you ride with no hands it takes more balance primarily with your hips.  As long as you are moving forward the balancing is side to side.  Imagine the balance of time and thoughts to be  front to back rather than side to side.  Thoughts of the future are like leaning to the front and thoughts of the past are leaning towards the back. When you are aware of the Now you are balanced straight up.

To try this for a moment right now sit tall or stand without being too stiff.  Use your awareness of breathing as the movement as you travel down the lane of life. As long as you are fully aware of your breathing in and out you are in balance and in the Now.  As soon as you notice your thoughts have drifted to something else label it as a memory or a thought of the future.  If it is a memory of the past then to balance that lean forward a little and then return to breathing awareness.  If it is a thought of the future thinking, or planning then you are out of balance and lean back a little; then return to breathing awareness.  Continue for a few moments leaning forward or back as needed and returning each time to breathing awareness.

Don’t worry your “problems” are so ingrained within you they will still be there to pick up again, as you may wish,  after your mini vacation. 

But you will be refreshed and ready to “tackle” them with greater enjoyment.

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