Fun With Seven Dwarfs

What if there were seven dwarfs that lived within each of us.  Perhaps it would be the emotional essence of each dwarf being sleepy, dopey, sneezy, Doc, happy, grumpy and bashful.  And lets assume they were arranged as a group of nested dolls each inside the one above and surrounding the one below. Of course there would be seven pairs of legs sticking out and if they bend down to the ground they would look like a caterpillar.  The dwarf on the top would be the predominant emotion of the moment. 

Snow White would be the caretaker and whenever the group of nested dwarfs became too top heavy where one emotion over powered all of the others she would look within and embody the tactile sensation of the moment.  If grumpy was on top and dwarfed all of the other dwarfs, Miss White might become aware of a tightness of the muscles around the face and a downturn of the lips along with a mean spirited barrage of words sprewing out.  One of the natural laws of nature is that once a tactile sensation is brought out into awareness it tends to dissolve on its own. One by one the emotions of each of the seven dwarfs might merge into a unified emotional state of peace and bliss…

…Until possibly the wind picked up and blew some pollen around that irritated sneezy who immediately rose to the top of the pile of dwarfs.  With an irritated sneezy on top Doc chimed in to help out while bashful was gaining traction afraid to draw attention to all of the noise sneezy and Doc were making. Again Snow White stepped in and brought all the dwarfs’ attention to the tactile physical presence of the moment. This brought a soothing relaxation and another unification and vitality. 

Stillness and calm ensued and the dwarfs enjoyed a blissful walk in the sunshine at the park.


Which dwarf might you be right now? 

And who or what is your Snow White?


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