Returning To Happiness 6-15-21

Every now and then just for an instant, a glimpse of wonder, of absolute peace passes by. It silently illuminates my entirety as it courses through with expansive awareness. 

Where does this infinite opening into awareness hide?  How can the layers of veils shading its light be dissolved or removed?  I keep exploring behind every rock and have found that as soon as it appears in mind it vanishes. It can only exist when it is not known. For knowing belongs to a lower energy field that exists in the mind.  Its like looking out at the stars and noticing a few dots of light along the edges of your view that are gone as you turn your head to see them more clearly. 

Even the glimpse exists only as an echo of its striking on the outer most edge of awareness.  It simmers within itself almost as a memory of belonging to an earlier time.  Perhaps eons ago within a stream of DNA carried through generations as the eternal spark of consciousness.

The most recent rock that I have found my way around is one of letting go and relaxing into seeing those feint lights of the stars along the edges of my mind.  The ones that are habits of seeing things as though they do not change. The ones that pull me away from the anticipation of wonder into the complacency of oh no not this again. I want to return my mind to its ability to view the horizon even on a cloudy day.

Imagine ten bottles all of the same size and shape each with a different amount of water inside.  The bottles are arranged in order so that when struck they form a scale of musical notes. Imagine as each is struck it resonates within you as a different emotion ranging from the deepest note of heaviness and lethargy to the highest frequency of excitement, adventure and wonderment. 

Now imagine your body at various times filled with varying amounts of water or tension in your muscles so that the same frequency of notes is played with the same emotions being elicited.  If you wanted a particular emotion all you need do is create the right amount of muscle tension.  Most of the time our muscles have more tension than needed and that by relaxing this tension we can play the notes of peace, calm and wonderment as we wish.

When you have time start at the top of your head and relax the muscles, skin and pores of your fore head.  Relax the small muscles around your eyes and then down along your cheeks.  Relax the back of your neck and down along both sides of your jaw line. Continue relaxing your neck and shoulders. Relax the muscles in both arms down to your finger tips.  Continue on your own to relax all of the muscles of your body. Notice the sensation of the weight of your body being held up and supported by the earth.  Relax becoming grounded into this solid foundation surrendering whatever tension that may still be present.

Imagine letting go and becoming resonant with the frequency of your emotional state and noticing what is there right now.  How is your mind meeting this moment? Is it liking not liking or perhaps their precursor of mere ising ?  What might ising be? Drop into the realm of not knowing; the spaciousness of wonder, peace and calm.  Enjoy.


  1. Hi Mike, It’s a pleasure to receive such inspiring ideas and good vibes. It’s a gift that keeps giving. Be well to you and your family. Bruce

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